Official Nourity Goodnight

Sleep Tight,
Don’t let the Dylans bite!

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goodnight grimmy boy

Blockquote Dylan does no biting

good morning nourity people :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Your sleep time is really important to crucially impacting yourself, and Nourity. Thank you for sleeping and having fantastic energy throughout your day.

With that, I must say:

Good Night GrimWolverine!

Nope I slept like a chainsaw last night loud and fell asleep at like 1am god knows why

Dang, I hope you are all alright!

Shaun is Shaun

(this post must be 20 characters grr)

We all love shaun! Shaun shaunway!

noo that mustve been bad!!

Are you okay now?


I hope you are doing netural, I would like to congrulate you on completing your Mental Health Coordinator quota. Shaun… Please go and revise your GCSE - instead of doing MHC quota.

I’m worried about your mental stability, and please make sure to stay healthly.

Best Regard,

Chief Operations Officer

Hello, GuysBoyTyYt.

I hold in esteem your value of you emphasising my mental health stability. Please be assured that I remain healthy every day, as I am alive and well. My MHC quota…?

I understand the agitation of my GCSE being near, in which I started revising a few days ago, though not related to nourity, I am feeling happy about what I do. I can only hope you feel happy too when reading this message as a blossom of cherry sparked cheeks brightens with lavender smiles.

Have a great day,

ok wait am I meant to have started revising by now

maybe. it is encouraged to be more intellectual.